Our Company

TIC Group has been providing inventory and supply chain services to retailers and suppliers for over twenty years.

We began by transforming the way retailers and manufacturers use garment hangers and now offer a range of solutions for retail accessories, returned merchandise and other products.

The common thread across our range of services is Building Smarter Retail: working innovatively with retailers and suppliers to reduce costs, address problems and improve service. We do this with leading retailers from Europe and Australasia.

As a global leader setting new standards for best practice in supply chain and back-of-store efficiency, we deploy a mix of licensed technology and proprietary IT solutions.

TIC’s engagements range from one-off projects to retrieve or salvage unwanted inventory, through to ongoing outsourcing services involving international supply chain partners. Our most integrated customers have us collect everything “not leaving via the cash register” and retrieve it for centralised processing. After analysis, we coordinate the final sale and/or disposition of the goods in the most cost effective manner.

Our Approach

Building smarter retail means constantly innovating. What began with reusing hangers and EAS tags today extends into reverse logistics, online services, fulfilment, asset recovery, and in-store signage.

In everything we do, four principles underpin our approach:

Environment and Sustainability

Each year we help divert millions of tonnes of retail merchandise, garment hangers and accessories away from landfill through reuse, recycling and remarketing. And by reducing waste, we also save money for retailers and suppliers.