TIC Group provides the total solution for customer returns, sale-or-return goods, recalls and range changes. We create back-end standardisation and simplification that free staff from unnecessary, time-consuming processes.

Our systems also provide data and analytics on every movement and transaction to help retailers and suppliers make well-informed decisions. We help clients address the root cause of problems rather than the symptoms. From the management of a single recall through to the weekly collection of all returns via a dedicated hub, our solutions are flexible and scalable to your needs, whatever they are and wherever you are. logistics

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Central Returns Centre

Our centralised returns process takes all stock not leaving via the cash register and looks after the next phase of its life. This could involve returning it to the supplier to claim store credits, on-selling it to asset recovery brokers, managing repairs, warehousing or waste disposal. For low value items, bulk handling makes a formerly uneconomical process worth doing. As a result, items that would otherwise be unclaimed or destroyed can be put to further use logistics

Online Returns

We provide the total returns solution for online retail. We can also arrange replacement orders, salvaging or repairing and returning to consumers. For more information on our online returns services please click here.

Range Changes

We’ve applied Smarter Retail thinking to handle full range changes quickly and efficiently. When stock needs to be returned to suppliers for credit or payment we can manage everything including shipping, manifesting and paperwork.

Recall Audit & Support

Despite the best of intentions, recalls frequently come as a surprise to retailers and suppliers alike. Our Recall Audit service will proactively prepare your team by considering a range of logistics, financial and communications challenges and scenarios. Should a recall occur, our Central Returns Centres will manage the logistics of a recall immediately.


Solvup has been developed with leading retailers, vendors and repair agents to simplify the handling of faulty consumer electronics products in-store. Solvup combines counter-based intelligence with multi-user case management software. It reduces discretionary decision-making and provides real-time visibility from service desk to repair agent. It helps retailers standardise their response to consumer legislation, and allows vendors a voice at the store counter. Contact us at solvup@ticgroup.com.au or visit solvup.com for more information