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Making online returns easy for consumers helps drive purchase and increase average basket sizes.

TIC Group operations provide centralised fulfilment and returns centres with timely and accurate order processing of consumer goods.

Plus, all our services are easily scalable, so your business can grow without the need for uncertain investment in expensive infrastructure.

Wherever you are, we’ll provide a total in-country logistics back end that minimises freight costs and delivers response times as good or better than your domestic competitors. Our asset recovery operations also deliver improved cost recovery on returned goods and excess stock for online retailers.

Our processes are easily blended into existing stores and distribution centres. We also deliver a returned goods service with strong analytics.



We’ve developed a centralised pick and dispatch facility to service online retail fulfilment needs. Our outsourced inventory seamlessly blends with any pre-existing bricks & mortar supply chain operations. Plus, you can scale your fulfilment operations as required without outlaying for additional infrastructure.


TIC Group’s centralised online returns deliver rapid-response, best quality customer service and minimal expense for you as a retailer. Combined with our asset recovery operation, TIC Group’s online returns processing gives you the highest cost recovery on returns while delivering the best in service for your customers.