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Mattress Recycling

TIC has secured rights to innovative technology developed and operating in the Netherlands.

Two essential points were taken into account when this unique system was developed: minimal hand contact during the process and maximum dust extraction. This is important because the dust that is released during the processing may be harmful to health.

The recycling process begins with the collection of dry mattresses from Council waste facilities, shops and hotels.

Once at the facility they are unloaded onto conveyor belts and separated into those with metal and those without so they can go through different recycling lines.

The textile is then taken off the mattresses and pressed into bales. It can be reused in a number of industries including carpet manufacturing.

All metals are kept separate and will be re-used in the metal industry. Pocket spring coil mattresses contain steel springs that are individually wrapped in a synthetic, but metal recyclers prefer the metal is not contaminated with synthetics.

This machine shreds the metal springs and separates the synthetic using an air and vacuum system. By doing this both materials are reusable.

The only thing that is left now is the foam of the mattress which can be latex or polyether. After the foam is cut it will be pressed into bales ready to be used in underlay and insulation materials.

TIC Group is committed to this state-of-the-art mattress recycling which is successfully leading the world in best practice systems.


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