In 1989 TIC revolutionised the way the world thinks about retail accessories. Through our cost efficient garment hanger reuse model, we save retailers money; and by reducing waste we reduce our impact on the environment.

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Reusable Garment Hangers

Our world-first reusable garment hanger program helps major international retailers make significant cost savings. It also stops millions of kilograms of plastic from going into landfill annually.

Working closely with retailers and suppliers, we design and develop a range of reusable hangers. We then collect used hangers from retailers after a sale, then sort and return them to garment manufacturers for reuse. TIC Group systems can return hangers to the same store, region or anywhere in the world.

Introduced to Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Saks 5th Avenue and many other US retailers, this program has been adopted by a wide range of retailers such as Tesco in the UK and Target, Kmart, Myer and Coles in Australia.


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EAS Tags

TIC Group’s EAS tags recovery program collects used hard tags from retailers, sorts them and returns them to garment manufacturers for reuse.

By removing the bulk of a labour-intensive task, and moving this process back to the point of garment manufacture, we cut costs and free up retail staff to concentrate on the customer. It’s another example of Smarter Retail.